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In house Medical and Diagnostic Laboratory

In House laboratory, X-Ray and Ultrasound facilities

When performing routine health examinations or diagnosing an illness, our vets may need to carry out further tests to confirm diagnosis. We have an extensive range of pet diagnostic laboratory equipment In-house that allows us to perform a range of tests on bloods, urine and tissue samples. If these tests are inconclusive or we require more complex investigations we transfer our samples to our local laboratory in Newton Abbot who process these tests efficiently and swiftly.

Diagnostic testing can provide us with information about your pet’s general health and well being, sometimes without the need for invasive and expensive procedures. It is sometimes recommended that preoperative bloods are carried out prior to dental and surgical procedures to detect any underlying problems before administering anesthesia.


Sometimes it maybe necessary for our vet to carry a ultrasound examination.

It is completely painless, safe and non invasive procedure that produces a real time moving picture of your pet’s organs which our vets use to visualise objects that cannot be detected by X rays alone.

This examination can assess the shape, size, tissue density, internal structure and position of your pet’s abdominal organs, assess cardiac health and confirm pregnancy. It can also be used to identify masses or tumors and used as a guide during surgical procedures.


X-Rays are a diagnostic procedure which allows our vets to see inside your pet’s body assessing their bones and organs for any issues or diseases that maybe present.

X-rays work by passing a small amount of radiation through different parts of the animal’s body. Soft tissue, such as organs and skin, can’t absorb the radiation whereas dense tissue, like bone, absorbs the rays and as a result produces an image for reading.

This procedure is usually carried out under general anesthetic.