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Cat and Dog Areas

Ensuring your pet’s stay is stress free

When your pet is ill or injured, they’re particularly vulnerable and worried and it’s important for them to be in a peaceful and relaxing environment.

At our main practice we have separate waiting rooms for both cat and dogs, ensuring your pet remains as stress free as possible.

If your pet requires hospitalisation we also offer separate wards for cats and dogs which have the potential to make a big difference to their stay and ensure their recovery and recuperation is as smooth as possible.

At the Kingsteignton branch, we have two large kennel wards including ‘Walk in’ style kennels for larger dogs. We also have areas of the kennels which can be kept calm and quiet for our more nervous patients. When needed we have an isolation ward and strict nursing protocols for controlling contagious patients.

A large separate cat ward is in a quieter area of the practice with covered cat hides in each space, so that your cat can relax in the peace and quiet of their secure kennel. These spaces are also ideal for Rabbits, Guinea pigs and other small mammals.

We have a large selection of vet beds and blankets to keep your pet comfortable during their stay with us. However, if you would like, you may leave a small toy, blanket or other comfort object with your pet. We encourage you not to leave large beds and blankets with your pet.

Cat and dog areas

We have completely separate Cat and Dog Kennel Rooms
We like to ensure secure and safe kennelling for our in-patients.